30.11.2018 – 30.01.2019

With a sophisticated programming of more than 300 lights and an immersive audio design with original musical pieces, the White Canvas installation managed to converge art and technology in the same space. The intention was to create an immersive experience of light and sound that would take people on a journey through the senses, stimulating their imagination and enhancing their creativity.

Presented in multiple cities, this is one of Cocolab’s most original and successful projects, which has inspired people inside and outside of Mexico to explore new paradigms of creation based on collaboration and the development of ideas.


This is a collective that seeks to create experiences that inspire in a positive way, by creatively combining art, technology and entertainment. Each project integrates various resources, such as video, audio, interactive technologies, special effects, lighting, scenography, industrial design, content, programming and show control. The development of innovative experiences starts from the collaboration with creators, talents and experts from very different fields, which enriches them in a very particular way.

Scheduled Espacio Abierto