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Berke Gold (CDMX) is a designer and artist based in Monterrey.

For Berke, contemporary art is about learning, a piece by a contemporary artist ends up being the result of a learning process and applying that to design. During his creative processes Berke alternates from the vision of designer to that of artist.

His recent practice focuses on grime, craftsmanship, and false eyelashes. Through transdisciplinary practices, Berke’s work seeks to cross techniques and materials ‘as if they were stray dogs’.

In recent years he has conducted in-depth research on the Taxco School and the influence of William Spratling on the aesthetics of Mexican design in the 20th century as well as its influence in the 21st.

Since 2017 he has served as designer of the Alma brand. At the same time, he has designed packaging for brands such as Tamoa, Umani and Sexto Colectivo, always seeking the intersection between sustainability, fashion and Mexican identity. He currently teaches the Social Innovation course at the Central University and the Creation of Accessories at the CEDIM.

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