JOSE DÁVILA (Mexico, 1974)

Concrete volumes, volcanic rock and ratchet straps

This piece is a sculpture of large dimensions that exemplifies the formal and conceptual interests of the artist Jose Dávila, such as the relationship with resistance, tension and the geometric order of the materials that he uses. The volcanic rock and concrete here point out a contrast between organic and industrial materials, highlighting their strengths and capacities through a composition in which both elements support their respective weights, while the straps strengthen the dynamic exerted between the concrete and the rock. As suggested by its title, this piece is literally a joint effort to keep the balance, strength and harmony of its components.

Jose Dávila (Guadalajara, 1974) His work addresses the existent relationships between contrasting and contradictory elements. Most of his work focuses on exploring the possibilities, capacities and properties of sculpture, through a meticulous selection of the materials and the forms with which his pieces are produced. Commonly guided by intuition, in his sculptural structures tension and calm, geometric order and random chaos, and fragility and resistance coexist while connecting the form with the content.