Modern / Mother Nature. Gabriela Galván. Arte Abierto. Foto Guadalupe Salcedo





Arte Abierto once again transforms its exhibition space with a project commissioned to mexican artist Gabriela Galván, a multisensory installation composed by living nature.

Modthern Nature by Gabriela Galván, a site-specific installation in which Arte Abierto is transformed into a natural and sensorial hydroponic garden, that seeks to generate cognitive, contemplative and imaginative experiences around nature and our belonging to it. In addition, for the first time an Arte Abierto exhibition extends to the public space of Artz Pedregal with a natural and artistic garden.

The proposal takes El Pedregal as a starting point as a site that has been transformed throughout history, beginning with the construction of Cuicuilco, one of the most important and ancient cities in the Valley of Mexico (800 BC – 250 AD), buried by lava caused by the eruption of the Xitle volcano and whose effect resulted in a volcanic landscape that we can still witness, live and think about. Another key reference is the modernist architecture of the mid-twentieth century that was developed in this area and that responded to a process of modernization of the city, which allows us to think about the different transformations that the Pedregal area has undergone in its different temporalities. Some examples are the Casa Estudio Max Cetto and the Casa Cueva de Juan and Helen O’Gorman, where the architectural forms responded to the foundations of the volcanic terrain and in which gardens with rocks and endemic plants of the area were designed, thus showing, the integration between nature and human development.

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Gabriela Galván (Mexico City, 1974)
Artist and art educator. Her work focuses on exploring the concept of transformation through different media such as installation, public art, sculpture, video, drawing, design, and performance. She is interested in the processes of study, production, dialogue, and interaction that involve interconnectivity and the open exchange of ideas and sensory experiences. She is currently focused on processes of exploration of time, to develop a body of work in relation to flowers and living plants.
Her work has been part of exhibitions in museums and galleries such as the Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía (Spain), the Kunsthaus Baselland (Switzerland), the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Germany), the Museo Tamayo, the Museo de Arte Moderno (MX), the Museo Carrillo Gil, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros and the Museo de la Ciudad de México, to name a few. As an art educator, she has been a visiting professor at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basilea, Poznań University of Fine Arts, the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, and the Brooklyn College (CUNY), among others. She currently lives and works in New York.


IG @gabriela_galvan_artist


Modern / Mother Nature. Gabriela Galván. Arte Abierto. Foto Roberto Velázquez

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