17.07.2019 – 29.09.2019

Squidsoup’s walkable installation consists of 5,200 points of light suspended in space through thin and vertical ropes, which respond to the presence of the viewer, creating a sensation of movement and an immersive experience.

Submergence transformed the <Arte Abierto> space into a hybrid environment, in which the virtual and physical worlds occur. The artwork is activated through a light and chromatic game in correspondence with the sound. This dynamic sensation manages to create an abstract narrative, which increases until it reaches a final climax. The visitor that entered Submergence had the opportunity to have a light, auditory and spatial experience.

Submergence is a Squidsoup project, directed by Anthony Rowe, Gaz Bushell, Liam Birtles, Ollie Bown, and Chris Bennewith. It has been presented in more than 40 spaces and events around the world.


Is an international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers based in the United Kingdom, working with experiences in digital and interactive media. Their projects combine physical and dynamic digital spaces with novel and intuitive forms of interaction, in order to produce immersive, receptive and captivating experiences.

They have exhibited at multiple events and venues around the world, such as: Salisbury Cathedral, Sydney Opera House, Usina del Arte in Argentina, Visual Art Week in Mexico, Burning Man in the United States, the Glastonbury Festival, TATE Britain, among others. .

Squidsoup’s work can be experienced online at and in shared spaces, physical and virtual facilities, in games and software tools.

Submergence was open to the public from July 7 to September 29, 2019 in Artz Pedregal, ground floor.