17:00 – 18:00 H
A session that will lead us to recognize the voids that inhabit us.


Vuk Jevremovic | 05:28” | 2022 | Croatia
SYNOPSIS: Three masters of football… They can perform wonders during the match and score impossible goals… But what happens in their heads when they are about to take penalty kicks?


A Brief History of us
Etgar Keret | 06:22” | 2021 | Poland
SYNOPSIS: The film deals with a couple who have gone so long together that they almost became one


Holy Crap!
Christina G Hadley | 04:42” | 2019 | Italy
SYNOPSIS: Holy Crap! is about the world, starting from the mechanism to remove the human beings: from the environment to human rights, from technology to art, none of this area is excluded.


Good Night Mr.Ted
Nicolas Gastón Sole Allgnani | 10:45” | 2021 | Spain
SYNOPSIS: When the sun goes down, a teddy bear has to protect his human kid from the horror of the shadows.


The hour of Noon
Simone Hörler | 08:30” | 2019 | Switzerland
SYNOPSIS: The story takes us to places with winding paths and unreal worlds that we can explore through the perspective of the protagonist lost in them.
The film creates a precise balance between abstraction and figurativeness – for example, when rectangles on a black surface suddenly become perceptible as windows due to a creaking noise and a movement.
Due to the reduced imagery, the viewer‘s imagination is demanded and his own mental images gain in intensity..


Rules of Play
Merlin Flügel | 07:34” | 2018 | Germany
SYNOPSIS: A group of tired playground visitors meet at night for a last contest.


The Box
Dusan Kastelic | 12:12” | 2018 | Slovenia
SYNOPSIS: You have probably heard of the phrase “To think outside of the box”? Well, this is a story about such a box. The box is full of miserable creatures. One of those creatures doesn’t belong there. He’s thinking outside of the box, he is full of life, happy and curious. In the meantime, his flat-head mates in the box are getting mad as he is growing up until one day he starts to grow on their heads.


18:00 – 19:00 H
Students from different universities show their short-films and immersive projects in which animation and digital art are a fundamental part of the creation. When finishing the projections, each one will share their creative processes in a Q&A session.


Daniela Amaro y Adriana Olvera | 06:21” | 2022 | Mexico
SYNOPSIS: After the death of her daughter, a mother copes with her grief through an important object from her daughter’s room, which detonates memories of her life and struggle.


Florecen las Alturas
Diego Solano Flores | 03:26” | 2022 | Mexico
SYNOPSIS: Experimental animation short-film about a memory of childhood. The film is the result of a search and investigation about a drift that consisted in going through memory from drawings.


Don Javier
Alejandro Llamas | 04:10” | 2022 | Mexico
SYNOPSIS: This short portrays Javier de la Mora through his everyday-life activities, going from the outside to the inside, from day to night and from superficiality to intimacy.


Luisa Duarte I 02:36” I 2022 I Mexico
SYNOPSIS: All her life, Sol has dedicated for no reason her time to drawing with her magic chalk. It is a day like any other when she meets Luna, a shy girl who also likes to draw. Through their illustrations, together they will discover that their friendship is stronger than the barriers of space.


Abducción Instantánea
María José Alvarado, Minerva Zamudio, Sara Sofía Hernández, Diana Eunice Ángeles, Juan Manuel Álvarez I 04:15 I 2022 I Mexico
SYNOPSIS: María is a foreign university student surviving on instant noodles. One day the city is threatened by a cosmic creature, and now she must avoid being abducted.


Don’t leave
Sofía Alanís I 01:48 I 2021 I Mexico
SYNOPSIS: Being sucked into the darkness, Shiory remembers how she got to the place where she is. She must find a way out of despair and pain to face what brought her there. Maybe, within herself she will find the strength to go on.


Amaranta Verdugo I 03:47 I 2020 I Mexico
SYNOPSIS: During a subway ride, a woman faces a terrible reality that leads her to free herself from fear and find her interior strength.



17:00 – 18:00 H
A session to reflect on myths, rituals and the pasts that are still present.


Swallow The Universe
Mikhal Bak | 12:00” | 2021 | France
SYNOPSIS: Swallow The Universe is a Japanese Emaki (a hand-painted horizontal scroll) that tells the grandiloquent saga of blood and thunder of a boy lost in the deep jungles of Manchuria. His sudden presence creates a complete anarchy in the previously perfectly organized and primitive world of local fauna. Full of a striking beauty, the child’s presence awakens in monkeys, tigers, anteaters and amphibians envy and the need for possession, originally human passions.


Wicked Girl
Ayce Kartal | 08:00” | 2017 | France
SYNOPSIS: S. is a 8 year-old girl with a lot of imagination. She likes nature and animals very much. When she is reminiscing about the good days in her grandparent’s town from the hospital, suddenly some dark memories begin to come out and start to make sense.


Nikita Diakur | 11:54” | 2017 | Germany
SYNOPSIS: An ugly cat fights to coexist in a fragmented and broken world. He eventually finds his soulmate in a mystical being. The film is inspired by the story “Ugly the Cat”.


Sophie Tavert Macian | 13:00” | 2019 | France
SYNOPSIS: 36 000 years ago, in the steep valleys of the Ardèche, a drawn animal is a hunted animal. In hunting time, Karou, the animal drawer, and his apprentice Lani, enter into the monumental cave to paint. Their ritual is interrupted by a Cave Lion.


Dirk Koy | 18:23” | 2021 | Switzerland
SYNOPSIS: “Intersect” comes from the english vert “to intersect”, which means divide but also cross and converge. The film “Intersect” is a visual investigation about the interface of the real and virtual world through 5 chapters. The digital interventions are created on natural surfaces.



16:00 – 17:00 H

A session full of sensations and colors. We invite you to let yourself go and enjoy.


Lunar Love & Ever (Well Wishes My Love, Your Love)
Gabriel Gabriel Garble | 11:11” | 2022 |Switzerland
SYNOPSIS: The full moon keeps a moon-obsessed ladybug awake, and an orphan boy lends his mate a prosthetic arm to get through the day. Will the ladybug make it to the moon, and could an unexpected cosmic event be the last condolence for both of them? A bifurcated narrative of love; one effervescent in its joy and buffoonery, and the other immobile in its mundane and everyday animism – unified through the narrative device of the moon.


Balázs Turai | 14:17” | 2022 | Hungary
SYNOPSIS: After losing his fiancée and his good-looking appearance in a strange accident, Clyde must face his interior demon.


There were four of us
Cassie Shao | 06:47” | 2019 | United States
SYNOPSIS: In a room, there are four people.


Grands Canons
Alain BIET | 10:45” | 2018 | France
SYNOPSIS: Superimposed, condensed, multiplied, thousand of documented drawings come to life on the screen composing a visual symphony of everyday objectss.


Rosto | 12:01” | 2015
SYNOPSIS: | Get ready! and let’s dance to the sound of a broken glass. A band of sleepy spirits drives an ambulance out of control.


18:00 – 19:00 H
Mexican studios show animation short-films and share with us their creative processes in a Q&A session.


Ana Gabriel Badillo | 10:00” | 2021 | México
SYNOPSIS: While facing the loss of her grandfather, Cloe closes her world to sounds and feeling until an encounter awakens in her a memory that challenges her emotions.


Drop al infierno / Los Viejos
Esteban Azuela | 03:23” | 2021 | Mexico


Flaminguettes | 02:59” | 2022 | México


Dalia Sigue Aquí
Nuria Menchaca | 11:00” | 2019 | Mexico
SYNOPSIS: Dalia is about to go on a bitter and tragic trip that will show her her hopeless reality in search of her missing father.


Emilia Schettino | 04:03” | 2020 | UK / Mexico
SYNOPSIS: In this short-film, Emilia gathers a bunch of family memories that talks about the emotions and experiences of having an older sister who accompanies her during all her life until she eventually leaves her country.


Akousmatikous / Salami Rose Joe Louis
Diego Huacuja T. y Carlos López | 05:45” | 2020 | United States
SYNOPSIS: “Akousmatikous” show a visual metaphor about how nature manage to recover itself during a performance by Salami Rose Joe Louis at the Hollywood Bowl.