CutOut Lab and Arte Abierto introduces the first edition in Mexico City of CutOut Fest, the unique animation and digital art festival, whose program this year includes digital culture, illustration, new formats in animation, and a wide range of special guests from the digital and animation culture.


During 4 days, Arte Abierto welcomes diverse activities that will transform our space into a collective and experiential place in tune with the spirit of CutOut Fest. We are together presenting talks, open draw sessions, film projections, a live coding concert, the traditional Lost Highway -an inspiration night to share with top animation creators from Mexico-, as well as a special open sale with illustrators. For the first time, we are having activities specially designed for kids, such as film projections and an animation workshop.


Created in collaboration with Arte Abierto, CutOut Fest – TRACK 02 hosts international guests such as Flaminguettes, Queen Skittles, Tiempos Híbridos, CNDSD & Iván Abreu, Hola Combo and Young Collectors MX, among others. This edition is conceived as a space for interaction, projections and creative encounters, but also as a spot to find creators’ works as prints, pins, original pieces and new/limited editions from the guest illustrators. It is also available in our limited edition merch designed by Basa Estudio and the incredible poster created by Diego Huacuja.


Join us to this celebration for all the new digital-art and animation language lovers.

TALKS | Talks with our guests to share their challenges, concerns and projects.

PROYECCIONES | Daily selection of animation short-films.

POP-UP SESSIONS | Open drink and draw sessions.

ILLUSTRATION PICNIC | Open sale with illustrators and artists, directed by Young Collectors MX.

LOST HIGHWAY | An evening for inspiration with music and drinks, to share with animators, animation Mexican studios, illustrators and special guests.

CONCERT | Noise, glitch and live coding concert with CNDSD & Iván Abreu.

WORKSHOPS FOR KIDS | Special session for kids to learn about analogical animation through flip books.

FILM PROJECTIONS FOR KIDS | A special selection with short-films for kids.