January 2024


COSITAS   ENE.2024 – JUL.2024


Cositas is a conceptual and audiovisual experience experience that takes references from popular culture to question our interpretations of reality.

“I wouldn’t want to say too much. I trust that the materialization of the ideas put forth in these exhibition rooms has the potential to be connected to the most fundamental questions about our lives and their everyday natures. At the center of them lies the one that is related to our interpretation of reality. Which interpretation is the one that is true? The one we’ve been told or the one we build with our thoughts? Small Things is the passage of a certain number of experiences that at one point in the past were only small things; ideas in my mind which held the promise of, in a near future, coming into existence.”

Mario García Torres

Cositas takes its name from a phrase that became popular on open television during the 90s to generate expectations around a future event, and which has currently gained great popularity on social networks without losing its original spirit: “se vienen cositas” (things are coming). Based on this idea, García Torres presents 5 artworks that take as reference a world-renowned comic character – which this year becomes a public domain image -, the song of a popular rock band from the 80s, the aesthetics of the photocopier as a pictorial practice, and memes and videos that today form part of our collective imagination due to their viral circulation on social networks.

With this project, the artist plays with the idea of audiovisual experiences intended for mass audiences, taking into account the particular context in which Arte Abierto finds itself. In this way, Cositas invites us to question the dynamics of consumption today, our role as spectators and co-creators of meaning, and the coincidences that exist between images and everyday life: How is it that a child’s fall can be as relevant as a historical fact? How does a famous comic character allow us to remember so many stories? How can a meme be recreated so many times, becoming increasingly viral for different generations and social spheres? How do these images impact and change language? Or, more importantly, who creates the images? Who defines the concept or who gives them meaning?

Thus, through a game marked by intuition, suspicion, mystery and humor, Cositas addresses the relationships that exist between reality and the perception of our daily lives, the collective imagination and individual memory, as well as the absence and presence of our thoughts.



Works in the exhibition

Yo lo había ponido aquí (I Had Put It Here), s/f
Synthetic material and electrical mechanism

Cayendo juntos en el tiempo (Falling Together in Time), s/f
Video, 15 min

La razón de ser de esta pieza aparecerá lentamente en la medida en que lo permitas (Fuk1ng Amaz1ng), s/f
Printing on ceramic mosaics

El puente de Edgar (You Should Check Out an Old YouTube Video Titled “Edgar Se Cae”), s/f
Fiberglass, resins, and wax

No hay razón para tener miedo (There Is No Reason to Be Afraid), s/f
Video, audio, 4 min

He decidido honrar cada una de las veces en que me leíste y decidiste no reaccionar convirtiéndolas en una linda obra de arte (I Have Decided to Honor Each Time You Read Me and Decided Not to React by Turning Them Into a Beautiful Work of Art), s/f
Offset printing on paper on linen




Visit Cositas by Mario García Torres from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 7 pm at Arte Abierto located on the 2nd Artz Pedregal (Periférico Sur 3720, Col. Jardines del Pedregal, CP. 01900 Mexico City).