A guided visit to Troika’s No Sound of Water exhibition by Sofía Porbert

• Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

• The objective of this activity is to revisit Troika’s  No Sound of Water show with Sofía Probert.

• Free admission.

• There will be a limited number of 15 participants.

• No registration required.

• At Espacio Arte Abierto and gardens.

Arte Abierto invites the general public to revisit the Troika’s exhibition No Sound of Water together with biologist Sofía Probert, from a new narrative that seeks to reflect on how we dialogue with the complexity that inhabiting this present entails.

I Can Be a Seed in the Waterfall is a guided visit with Sofía Probert that seeks to intersperse the content of the exhibition No Sound of Water with its symbolic, biological level and with its intimate and sensitive scope, a scope that we discover as we are inside the installation.

It is an introspective visit to delve into the different concepts that the exhibition addresses; such as the idea of ​​the anthropocene, the notion of the inhospitable, synthetic biology, fictitious ecosystems, the power to imagine futures or the possibility of the existence of non-organic intelligences. Some installation elements will also be explored; such as salt, white-toned environment or sound.

From a collective dynamic in the open air and next to Arte Abierto’s trees, the participants will be able to close the process of their visit by sharing their experience in order to create a collective map of emotions.

I Can Be a Seed in the Waterfall is an invitation to (re)think the future of life based on one’s own experiences.

Sofía Probert (1999)

She is currently studying Biology at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UAM, Xochimilco. Her interest in biology has led her to develop, from different artistic disciplines, a constant dialogue between organic life and aesthetics, combining digital and analog processes. Her work proposes to rethink our relationship with the natural world from a critical reflection on the anthropocentric view of biodiversity, living beings and nature. Probert explores the ways in which organic life expresses itself aesthetically and develops a constant political discourse around socio-environmental problems such as the climate crisis and the struggle for women’s liberation.

Sofía Probert has participated in the El Aleph Festival organized by UNAM, in the Synergic exhibition in London, organized by Óvalo Galería de Arte and Art Number 23, in the Bahidorá Carnival Art Circuit in Las Estacas, Morelos, and has collaborated with illustrations for the New York Times Magazine, Revista Ambulante and Chilango.

She has collaborated in podcasts, interviews and disclosure texts for different media.

To learn more about Sofía Probert’s work visit: https://www.sofiaprobert.com/

Espacio Arte Abierto is located on the 2nd floor in  ARTZ Pedregal (Periférico Sur 3720, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón) Mexico City.

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