Programa Público de Arte Abierto. CINE-FISURAS. Recorrido transversal por Things We Do for Love con Mara Fortes



Things We Do for Love transversal visit with Mara Fortes


As part of our activities linked to the exhibition Things We Do for Love we have a special visit with Mara Fortes.

  • Thursday October 27, 2022
  • Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Aimed at all public
  • Limited admission
  • This visit/workshop is free

Things We Do for Love transversal visit with Mara Fortes.

The purpose of this visit is to investigate the extra-visual dimension of cinema, based on the idea of the “fissure of the image”, inspired by the concept of kintsugi that is addressed in Things We Do for Love.

Through exercises in the exhibition space of direct experience and a brief capsule of historical references, we will explore how this audiovisual installation awakens auditory, proprioceptive (the brain’s ability to recognize the muscles of the body in space), and intuitive intelligence. The visit is an invitation to be undisciplined spectators, to stretch time, fold space, feel the image, and navigate the multiverse of cinema —to grasp what overflows from the screen, sculpts stories and suspends the parameters that define our everyday reality.

Mara Fortes
Researcher and curator of cinema and audiovisual media. Her research focuses on media archaeology, installation art, avant-garde film history, experimental and expanded film, sound art, and queer film. She has curated for the Reina Sofía Museum, London MexFest, La otra bienal, REDCAT, and the Centro de Cultura Digital. Since 2003 she has worked in film distribution and exhibition, collaborating with NGOs such as Women Make Movies, and programming for various festivals, including the Morelia International Film Festival, the Ambulante Festival, and CUÓRUM. She is currently a Senior Curator at the Festival de Telluride. Her publications include the books Chris Marker Inmemoria and El cine como arte subversivo de Amos Vogel (edited with Lorena Gómez Mostajo), and Historias de la Noche (with Fabiola Torres-Alzaga).

Erick Meyenberg’s show Things We Do for Love, is open from Tuesday to Sunday from July 24 to December 18, 2022 at Espacio Arte Abierto, located on the second floor in ARTZ Pedregal in Mexico City.
Fee $ 35 pesos.

ARTZ Pedregal: Periférico Sur 3720, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City.

Scheduled Public Program
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