Sebastián Romo (Mexico City, 1973) is a consecrated visual artist whose work has toured national and international museums and art rooms.

Through different media, such as sculpture, drawing, and photography, she explores notions about space, time, and memory linked to matter, origin, and the intangible.

His work, which ranges from sculpture, drawing and photography, to cinema and large-format installation, has led him to exhibit in museums in Mexico, the United States, Europe and Latin America.

In addition to the five printed monographs that he has compiled throughout his history, he has presented multiple exhibition and film projects in spaces such as Casa Vecina, Museo Tamayo, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, La Tallera, Centro de Artes Visuales in Mérida and the Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York, among others.

His interest in improving artistic education in Mexico led him in 2009 to create an alternative educational platform to offer more than just artistic training: Atelier Romo, whose philosophy rests on the idea that to learn and develop projects it is essential to create a space where Different artistic disciplines coexist to allow experimentation and action.

This educational, comprehensive and multidisciplinary methodology is based on the arts. Currently, the guiding axis is focused on ‘deep education’ understood as all knowledge that accompanies us and improves our daily life.



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