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Marco Margain is a Mexican chef who practices “liquidation” cooking, referring to the use of ingredients that one has to create a delicious dish.

Marco’s most important projects are: his restaurant, Broka, in the heart of the Roma neighborhood and Hacienda San Andrés, where a large part of the ingredients in his kitchen come from, such as wild mushrooms which come from his organic crops. The union of these projects is focused on the return to the field and sustainable consumption. Both on the farm and in the restaurant work is done according to the natural processes of the earth; taking advantage of and consuming seasonal products.

Marco explains the importance of nourishing the land so that these nutrients are transmitted to the crops. For example, organic waste from the restaurant is returned to the ranch to make compost and livestock food.

This chef practices what some know as ‘agriculture with culture’, an agriculture that helps us regain a farming culture that is closer to nature and processes, respecting the land, the environment and the final product. A sustainable and healthy agri-food system that shows that there are alternatives regarding food production.




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