MICROPAISAJES DE INVIERNO ÓPERA PARA EL JARDÍN En colaboración con Vanessa Freitag y estudiantes de la Escuela Superior de Música y la Academia de la Danza Mexicana Programa público de Arte Abierto




In collaboration with Vanessa Freitag and students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana

The winter solstice is the astronomical event that has made us aware of life cycles and renewal. We have celebrated and represented it with rituals, parties, traditions, deities, pyramids, mythologies and calendars. Despite the arrival of the cold and the end of the growing season, what is actually celebrated at this time is the next return of the sun and its reappearance in the sky.

To welcome winter, students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana will offer an opera concert* for the plants of the Jardín Arte Abierto, accompanying them at the change of season and celebrating their new cycle , in a kind of celebration and momentary fiction.

As part of the concert, the artist Vanessa Freitag (Brazil, 1982) made a series of textile sculptures to cover the singers and turn them into abstract micro-landscapes and new garden-organisms. With this, they are transformed into artificial flowers that sprout momentarily with the sole purpose of comforting nature.

* The musical repertoire is a compilation of opera pieces related to winter, the changes of season and the cyclical celebrations of each end of the year, change or transformation.


Winter microlandscape
Opera for the garden
In collaboration with Vanessa Freitag and students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana.

    • Saturday, December 10, 2022
    • 12:00h and 17:00h
    • Free entry
    • At Arte Abierto Garden, located on the second floor 2 in Artz Pedregal


VANESSA FREITAG (Santa Rosa, Brazil 1982)
She lives and works in León, Guanajuato. She is an artist trained in Plastic Arts, Artistic Education (Brazil) and Social Anthropology (Mexico), and a professor at the University of Guanajuato. Currently, she combines the teaching practice with the artistic one to investigate the contemporary textile language. Her interests revolve around crafts and the study of the natural landscape – flora and fauna – both in Mexico and Brazil, from where she thinks about her identity as a migrant. She creates textile clusters, micro-landscapes and abstract bodies that occupy space, and experiments with recycled materials to build organic forms that often inhabit an imaginary natural universe.

Among her individual exhibitions are O Jardim (Dos Topos Gallery / León / Mexico), Topiarius (Untitled Gallery / San Francisco / USA) and Pequenho Jardim Simbiótico (Latin Artists Gallery). She has also participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, Romania, and the Ukraine. She received first place in the sculpture category at the IV Guanajuato Contemporary Art Salon (2021, Irapuato / Mexico) and at FIBRA – Textile Art Biennial (2019, Porto Alegre / Brazil). In 2020, she collaborated in the MEIO Cura project (Flotar Programa, CDMX). Recently, she did a work production residency at Residencia Art Project (Playa del Carmen / Mexico).

IG: @freitag_textileart



Abel Josué Pérez Lara
Brianda Andrea Pancardo Cancino
Miguel Ángel Linares Ibarra
Miguel Ángel Ramírez Valencia
Nohemi Lozano Santiago
Rebeca Gabriela Rocha Campos


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