03.20.2023 – 05.07.2023


Mentor DJs

Bonnz! Break the Beat - vol2 Programa público de Arte Abierto


Bonnz! is drummer of the band Hello Seahorse!; an occasional DJ, as he says himself; and producer of bands such as the English from Clinic, the Mexican Vicente Gayo and the Chilean Astro. He is one of the most recognized musicians in CDMX thanks to his talent behind percussion, but he also has another facet and popularity within the Mexico City electronic music scene. During his stay in London, Bonnz! learned everything necessary to be a DJ, which is why he has made remixes of songs like “Berlin” by Little Jesus; “Palapa” by Porter; “Artificial Paradises”, by Dorian; “Miss Heart Vengeance”, by Ella y El Muerto; and “Pereztroy k”, by The Volture. He likes tacos, baseball and dressing in black. He is now learning to tattoo and was nominated 4 times for the Latin Grammys.

Adriana Roma Break the Beat - vol2 Programa público de Arte Abierto

Adriana Roma

DJ and producer. With almost 10 years of career, Adriana Roma explores house, techno, progressive, and creates atmospheres by combining genres and subgenres. She is co-founder of WOMXN , a key piece for the exhibition of female electronic music talent in Mexico. In 2020 she performed for the first time at the Bahidorá Festival, opening the Sound signature showcase, led by Theo Parrish, and in 2021 she was invited to the streaming of Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records and broadcast on Twitch. He hosted 12 en Venus for a year and a half, a space dedicated to electronic music and one of the best radio programs on the YoMobile platform, where he invited colleagues to present their projects live on programs such as Luxury Wednesday and Monday of vitamin T.

Dabidson Break the Beat - vol2 Programa público de Arte Abierto


IG @dabidson   | TW @dabidsonSpotify

With a career spanning over 20 years, Dabidson has been a music programmer, radio host and DJ. He was a founding member of Ibero 90.9, a contributor to the Convoy Network and director of the online radio project Yo Radio. Dabidson has musical knowledge beyond the history of music and new musical proposals, which has allowed him to perform at different festivals, parties and renowned CDMX clubs, including Departamento, Leonor and Bar Oriente as well as the emblematic Imperial.