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By DJing you can find new ways to get to know yourself through music: Discover your beat and recreate yourself with a DJ’s a.k.a.

  1. DISCOVER: When you register, you will receive a Digital Guide with video tutorials, glossary of terms, tips, recommended movies to learn about the culture of DJing and more.
  2. EXPLORE: Prepare your DJ session! With you Guide’s help, you will carry out a musical exploration to prepare the audio files that will help you in the mentoring session and in your live performance. 
  3. MENTORSHIP: You will have a virtual session to meet the guest DJ who will be your mentor. Get to know us and solve your doubts!
  4. LIVE PERFORMANCE: Now you are ready! You will make a live presentation from the DJ booth in <Arte Abierto>, guided by your DJ mentor.


If you are ready to be part of this community, follow these simple steps!

Arte Abierto