Break the Beat | Mezclas Colectivas by Arte Abierto




   06.18.2021 – 08.30.2022



Arte Abierto creates an experience so you can mix like a professional DJ in the afternoons of Break The Beat – Collective Mixes.

BREAK THE BEAT – COLLECTIVE MIXES is an experience designed for young people aged 15 and over, in which you will learn the basic principles of mixing and explore music through the culture of DJing. We want to generate a community of young people, who develop their creativity and can share, through music, what they are most passionate about, creating sound atmospheres that expand their environment.

At the end, the participants will be able to mix and experiment with their favorite songs in a LIVE PRESENTATION for their friends or for their musical community from a professional DJ booth in Arte Abierto’s garden, with the mentoring of a highly experienced DJ, who will accompany you in this exciting moment and will guide you step by step in your process towards self-discovery as a DJ.

Project is done in collaboration with CutOut Lab.


  • DISCOVER: By signing up you will receive a digital kit with video tutorials, a glossary of terms, tips, recommended movies to learn about DJing culture and more.
  • EXPLORE:Prepare your DJ session! With the help of your Guide, you will carry out a musical exploration to prepare the audio files that will help you in the mentoring session and in your live performance.
  • MENTORING:You will have a virtual session to meet the invited DJ who will be your mentor. Get to know her/him and solve all your doubts!
  • LIVE PRESENTATION:Now you are ready! You will perform a live presentation from the DJ booth at Arte Abierto, guided by your DJ mentor. 


  • Youth ages 15 and up may participate.
  • No prior knowledge or experience as a DJ is required. 😉
  • Welcome any type of genre and musical taste.
  • If you are a minor, we will need the acceptance of one of your parents or guardians, for this you must attach a copy of the INE of your parent or guardian to the registration form.
  • The program has a recovery fee of $300 PESOS. We recommend you discuss it with your parents or guardians before filling out the registration form.
  • Review the mentoring and live performance dates for you to select a date at the time of registration.
  • Participation in this activity implies full acceptance and compliance with these rules.
  • In case of not attending the activity you will lose your place and you will not be able to participate in the next sessions without making your registration and payment again.


A. You must completely fill out this registration form.

B. Pay your make-up fee to secure your spot for the mentoring and live performance. Share the proof of payment to the following email:

Arte Abierto, A.C.
CLABE 072 180 01099898190 4

C. At the end of the registration period, we will publish the date of the registered participants here, as well as their mentoring and live presentation date.

D. If you complied with all the previous steps you must appear on the published list, otherwise contact us here.

Any questions write to:


The program will take place from June 17 to August 26, 2022.

Get ready because we will have 6 groups available during this period.

Each group will have 6 participants.

Stay on top of all 3 calla and choose the group you prefer!

Each group will have a live performance on a FRIDAY from 4:00 to 7:00 PM

Scheduled Public Program
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