December 2022



With a selection of INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS who have explored and played with book formats.

Arte Abierto begins this year with the 2nd edition its editorial program Un libro es…  with a gathering and editorial sale where you will find books for children, young people, adults and art lovers.

A selection of INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS will join Arte Abierto that have explored and played with book formats, including:


piedra ediciones

piedra ediciones is a series of publications that arise from conversation and processes that conceive the book as a space for experimentation for artistic projects, considering the book as an ideal space for collaboration and exchange. Each title becomes a multiple and simultaneous piece that makes new readings possible.

piedra ediciones is a project by Alfonso Santiago.


Ediciones Hungría

Ediciones Hungría is a small independent publisher that has been publishing since 2011 in Mexico City. His projects are a creative and original exploration that plays with book formats and traditional reading.


Fulgencio Pimentel

It is an independent publisher, originally from Spain and focused on the high-quality edition of fiction, graphic novels, poetry, art books and illustrated books, for all ages. His policy is to be faithful to artistic principles.



It is the editorial line of UNAM’s University Museum of Contemporary Art, which publishes the memory and record of the investigations developed for each exhibition project presented by the museum, as well as its critical and historiographical area. Their Folios collection are catalogs with key material and original texts on artists, artistic movements or artistic periods.



S.A.R.A. is the acronym for Sociedad Anónima de Reproducción Autogestiva, a project by Lucía and Rodrigo Alarcón, focused on printing using the risographic technique (similar to that of a copier, but close to screen printing). They work directly with authors and artists who are inserted in the culture of creative self-publishing.



Alacraña is an independent Mexican publisher founded by Abril Castillo Cabrera. Since 2019 has published books and narrative fanzines, drawing and essays in the collections: Los indelibles (with Libros de Mano), Tolvaneras and Ríos de piedra.


Libros de Mano

Libros de Mano is an editorial label of Estudio Mano de Papel, lidered by Santiago Solís, which publishes prints, posters, books, engravings, graphic merchandise.

IG @libros_de_mano


Pitzilein Books

Founded in 2016, Pitzilein Books is a publisher born out of necessity: to write, modify, illustrate, imagine, and edit ideas. They have published books in a wide range of formats, on topics such as literature, visual art, and philosophy. Idalia Sautto, founder of Pitzilein, is an editor, art historian, and writer.

Also two independent bookstores will join us:



Read and laugh at Cafeleería.

Cafeleería is a cultural center, bookstore and cafeteria in the Mayor’s Office of Coyoacán, dedicated to the sale, dissemination and activation of unique, original and different books, printed matter and editorial projects from those of large bookstores.


Navegantes Librería

An independent bookstore in the Roma neighborhood, specializing in illustrated children’s and youth literature. Claudia Milenka and Román Rivas are the mind behind this project and the experts in carefully selecting the books they offer to the public.



Thursday January 5, 2023
Hours: 1pm a 5:30pm
For all audiences.
At Jardín Arte Abierto (Located on the 2nd floor at Artz Pedregal)
Free entrance.





In collaboration with Vanessa Freitag and students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana

The winter solstice is the astronomical event that has made us aware of life cycles and renewal. We have celebrated and represented it with rituals, parties, traditions, deities, pyramids, mythologies and calendars. Despite the arrival of the cold and the end of the growing season, what is actually celebrated at this time is the next return of the sun and its reappearance in the sky.

To welcome winter, students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana will offer an opera concert* for the plants of the Jardín Arte Abierto, accompanying them at the change of season and celebrating their new cycle , in a kind of celebration and momentary fiction.

As part of the concert, the artist Vanessa Freitag (Brazil, 1982) made a series of textile sculptures to cover the singers and turn them into abstract micro-landscapes and new garden-organisms. With this, they are transformed into artificial flowers that sprout momentarily with the sole purpose of comforting nature.

* The musical repertoire is a compilation of opera pieces related to winter, the changes of season and the cyclical celebrations of each end of the year, change or transformation.


Winter microlandscape
Opera for the garden
In collaboration with Vanessa Freitag and students from the Escuela Superior de Música and the Academia de la Danza Mexicana.

    • Saturday, December 10, 2022
    • 12:00h and 17:00h
    • Free entry
    • At Arte Abierto Garden, located on the second floor 2 in Artz Pedregal


VANESSA FREITAG (Santa Rosa, Brazil 1982)
She lives and works in León, Guanajuato. She is an artist trained in Plastic Arts, Artistic Education (Brazil) and Social Anthropology (Mexico), and a professor at the University of Guanajuato. Currently, she combines the teaching practice with the artistic one to investigate the contemporary textile language. Her interests revolve around crafts and the study of the natural landscape – flora and fauna – both in Mexico and Brazil, from where she thinks about her identity as a migrant. She creates textile clusters, micro-landscapes and abstract bodies that occupy space, and experiments with recycled materials to build organic forms that often inhabit an imaginary natural universe.

Among her individual exhibitions are O Jardim (Dos Topos Gallery / León / Mexico), Topiarius (Untitled Gallery / San Francisco / USA) and Pequenho Jardim Simbiótico (Latin Artists Gallery). She has also participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, Romania, and the Ukraine. She received first place in the sculpture category at the IV Guanajuato Contemporary Art Salon (2021, Irapuato / Mexico) and at FIBRA – Textile Art Biennial (2019, Porto Alegre / Brazil). In 2020, she collaborated in the MEIO Cura project (Flotar Programa, CDMX). Recently, she did a work production residency at Residencia Art Project (Playa del Carmen / Mexico).
IG: @freitag_textileart



Abel Josué Pérez Lara
Brianda Andrea Pancardo Cancino
Miguel Ángel Linares Ibarra
Miguel Ángel Ramírez Valencia
Nohemi Lozano Santiago
Rebeca Gabriela Rocha Campos



JOSE DÁVILA (Mexico, 1974)

Concrete volumes, volcanic rock and ratchet straps

This piece is a sculpture of large dimensions that exemplifies the formal and conceptual interests of the artist Jose Dávila, such as the relationship with resistance, tension and the geometric order of the materials that he uses. The volcanic rock and concrete here point out a contrast between organic and industrial materials, highlighting their strengths and capacities through a composition in which both elements support their respective weights, while the straps strengthen the dynamic exerted between the concrete and the rock. As suggested by its title, this piece is literally a joint effort to keep the balance, strength and harmony of its components.

Jose Dávila (Guadalajara, 1974) His work addresses the existent relationships between contrasting and contradictory elements. Most of his work focuses on exploring the possibilities, capacities and properties of sculpture, through a meticulous selection of the materials and the forms with which his pieces are produced. Commonly guided by intuition, in his sculptural structures tension and calm, geometric order and random chaos, and fragility and resistance coexist while connecting the form with the content.

Arte Abierto