Vanessa Rivero (Yucatan, 1976) is a multidisciplinary artist, she lives and works in Yucatan. She has exhibited individually and collectively at a national and international level.

Her research is built from drawing and the study of space. She uses different media such as sculpture, photography, video or book publishing as raw material to conceive site-specific installations and visual essays.

The content of her work focuses on animals (human and not) and their environment, as well as the power structures implicit in their social relationships. She studies elements from different cultures and fields of knowledge related to the ways of perceiving nature from the individual and collective experience point of view.

She has a master’s degree in Production and Teaching of the Visual Arts and is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators.

She is currently holder of Engraving and Multiple Media at the Yucatan Higher School of Arts, where she has been a teacher since 2004. She is Founder and Director of FrontGround/Galería Manolo Rivero since 2007.


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