< Arte Abierto > is a non-profit association founded in 2019 dedicated to the creation and promotion of cultural projects and specific art work through the implementation of an ambitious / comprehensive / innovative model that takes as a starting point the physical conditions of Artz Pedregal Architectural Complex –a project developed and designed by Sordo Madaleno.

< Arte Abierto >‘s work model is based on collaborating with artists and experts, aligned to our institutional values ​​and objectives through their work and artistic expressions, with specific contemporary art projects. Each platform at < Arte Abierto > offers different formats and experiences at different levels and to different audiences.

Since 2019 we have been working with Sebastián Romo, founder and creator of Atelier Romo, the result of this significant collaboration is named Atelier Abierto. This project is designed as a place outside the main exhibition room Espacio Arte Abierto (exhibition space where Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Latidos) is now located.

Based on its pedagogical and participatory lines of work, Atelier Abierto is one of the most important conceptual components of our institution. Thanks to the collaboration with Atelier Romo we will be able to develop strategies and unique educational and public activities for direct contact with visitors, through creative processes of different types and with different durations (which include weekend activities, intensive workshops and few hours aimed at the diversity of publics who attend Artz Pedregal– space where < Arte Abierto > has its facilities: exhibitions and work).

Atelier Romo. For ten years, it has developed an arts-based, comprehensive and multidisciplinary educational methodology. Currently, the guiding axis is focused on deep education understood as all knowledge that accompanies us and improves our daily life.

Atelier Romo has had various collaborations with institutions such as Museo Tamayo, Fundación Alumnos 47, Colección Jumex, various universities and art centers in the interior of the country, and abroad with the Fashion Institute of Technology in Nueva York. Also, he was invited to develop a special project for the XII Bienal FEMSA.

In addition to the five printed monographs that he has compiled throughout his history, he has presented multiple exhibition and film projects in spaces such as Casa Vecina, Museo Tamayo, Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, La Tallera, Centro de Artes Visuales de Mérida and Instituto Cervantes Nueva York, among others.

Since the beginning, Atelier Romo has had a group of very high-level collaborators: award-winning filmmakers and Oscar winners, museum directors and specialized curators, and renowned artists, both national and international.

The methodology consists of integrating the body, thought, culture and art from constant and disciplined practice, in a relaxed work environment that has all the requirements to learn and create without limitations.

Its lines of work are Visual Thought and Furniture Design; the basic principles for smooth construction, including sewing, electricity, and model building; and the development of a final project with the closing of an exhibition and an editorial publication.

Art and culture are intertwined but they are not the same thing. Although entertainment and entertainment are part of the culture, art is its most sophisticated practice. Culture allows us to expand our possibilities of perception, art to deepen them and education to enhance them, practice them and enjoy them.

Given its context, Atelier Abierto has all the potential to become a true avant-garde project. It can be a benchmark for new pedagogical, exhibition, dissemination models and how to efficiently bring culture to all kinds of audiences.

Artz Pedregal is in a privileged position, it has the perfect balance between a public space and a private / controlled one. This greatly facilitates the implementation of activities produced from the Atelier Abierto to all attendees.



Arte Abierto