Andrés Sánchez Maher (CDMX, 1974) Bassist / producer and musical composer, he studied music and composition at Centro de Investigación y Estudios de Música (CIEM). He was a founding member of the Mexican band Titán with whom he released albums such as “Karate Mix” in 1995 and part of the second production “Elevator” which was released by Virgin in 1999. From 2011 to 2017 he collaborated as bassist and keyboardist for the Mexican band Zoé.

Andres Sanchez knows no boundaries in musical exploration and collaboration, his involvement in projects with the likes of Jacobo Lieberman, Leo Heiblum and Alexis Ruiz with whom he founded the Exotic Ensemble.

Among his work we can also find production and musicalization for film, theater, dance, radio and television such as: ‘Erendida Ikikunari’ (2006), ‘La Abolicion de la Propiedades’ (2011),’ Warehouses’ (2015), ‘Sabrás qué do with me ‘(2015),’ Mexican Gangster ‘(2015, nominated for best original music Arieles 2016),’ El Charro de Toluquilla ‘(2016) documentary in collaboration with Gus Reyes,’ Sin Muertos No Hay Carnaval ‘(2016) in collaboration with Leo Heiblum and Toño Cepeda, ‘Sueño en otro Idioma’ (2017) winner of the Ariel for Best Original Music, ‘El Chapo’ (2017-2018) TV series in collaboration with Gus Reyes and Dudu Aram, ‘Falco’ (2018 ) TV series in collaboration with Gus Reyes, ‘Torre X Torre’ (2018) documentary also in collaboration with Gus Reyes, ‘Ayotzinapa, El Paso De La Tortuga’ (2018) documentary in collaboration with Gus Reyes and Camila Uboldi, ‘El Complot Mongol ‘(2018) in collaboration with Dan Zlotnik and Gus Reyes, to name a few projects.

Also known as Sanchez Dub, he has a definitive style that fuses electronic rhythms and digital programming with dub, delay and reverb harmonies. A pioneer in the Mexican music scene, his synthesis of African, Latin and Caribbean music with electronic rhythms opened what was an inhospitable route in Mexico. Collaborations with Fake Fazz and Wako Texas allowed him to flex his prowess for live improvisation on the bass, bringing a unique flavor of Jazz and Funk.

The construction of songs and organic sound of instruments translates Sanchez Dub into an exciting live band, a clear example is his latest single “Humans”.

Andrés lives and works in Mexico City.



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